• Algorithmyth


Performing Algorithms through the idea of Techné


Algorithmyth is an immersive and intermedial (music/sound/theatre, projection) performance that will premiere in 2016. This project is an attempt to generate conversation and understanding about how the very contemporary phenomenon of algorithmic programming is having a profound effect on our society, and how this phenomenon can be seen to have deep, historical patterns in human behaviour and cultures. This conversation will include those in the tech-sector, theoretical physics, math, and the arts, and of course, it will be facilitated among our audience. In many ways Algorithmyth is a collaboration - it brings together emerging artists in our region with mid-career artists who work across the country and internationally; it brings together musicians, mathematicians and theatre artists in a creative dialogue with workers in an industry that is transforming the industrial, cultural and virtual landscapes that surround us.

The work will show off some of this area’s finest young performers, including Pam Patel, Margaret Bardos, Rich Burrows, Dan Morphy, Kathryn Labadie and Colin Labadie. Lin-Qing Chen is a PhD at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics: she primarily plays herself.